Lemon Water Welcome

Benvenuti! I am Angela and couldn’t be more excited! Geela’s Gems for Going Green (AKA 4G) is now in the blogsphere! I am so happy to take this venture from my little group on Facebook to a full on blog in hopes to further help people.  My main focus is for people to see that healthy living and eating is a lifestyle change but doesn’t have to break the bank. I will have recipes for all diets and lifestyles. I will also share how imperfect I am.  If you look at me, you might not be able to tell right away that I like to run or that I try to eat healthy.  I am not this perfect mom who has the house clean, 100% success working from home, and everything together along with my fitness.  NO!  I try, try, try, but in the end, I am imperfect and can get lazy.  I suffer from the 4Es, 4Gs nemesis: I’m an emotional eater and erratic exerciser.  I want others to see that if you stick with something, no matter how much you fail, you will start to see results, even if it is just your mood!  I love sweets and being half Italian, breads, pastas and sweets have been part of my diet for awhile.  That was okay when I was young, playing basketball and super active, but even running after an almost year and a half old , it isn’t enough now!  I’ll be 30 in a little over a week, which equals slowing metabolism.  In the words of Radiohead, “Please keep moving, better keep moving!”. Don’t get discouraged if you couldn’t resist that cookie or doughnut (I can’t most days) or couldn’t bring yourself to get out of bed early enough to workout.  There is a fine line between only living once, so let’s splurge, and only living once so let’s be as healthy as possible so we can live a long and healthy life.  By being realistic, open and honest, we can help each other!  nbsp; As long as you are alive, it is never too late!

Along with food and health, I will also touch on subjects like the environment, gardening, cleaning products, cosmetics, ways to reduce/reuse/recycle/upcycle, some arts and crafts, and environmental affairs. Whether you are looking to improve in one of these areas, some areas or even looking for a complete overhaul, this blog is for you. I will touch on the work at home aspect of my life as well, which pertains to every area that I will be covering. I don’t sell anything, thank goodness! I do get to be a customer of an amazing company that provides what P&G can’t as far as ecofriendly products, without breaking the bank, and instead of them spending millions of dollars a year on advertising, they pay their customers to do it instead. The great thing about this is that whether I refer anyone or not, I still save money on my grocery budget for better products! I couldn’t be happier. Helping others, helping the economy, and helping the environment, all while helping my family.