Multi Purpose Monday 1: Coconut Oil

I haven’t always been a big fan of coconut.  My mom and her mom, my Nana Lu, used to make magic bars, these amazingly sweet, graham cracker and chocolate bars topped with toasted coconut, and I LOVED them.  However, most other recipes with coconut were hit or miss (mostly miss).  I absolutely hate the smell of pina coladas, and I can’t drink coconut water unless it is in a smoothie.  Coconut oil, though…I love it because it works for so much!

It does a lot topically for our skin and mouth.  So far, I have used it for Therese’s diaper rash.  We cloth diaper, but the past 6 months have been part time cloth and part time Seventh Generation biodegradeable ones due to her getting nasty rashes, which is normal even in disposables because she eats so many new foods.  The oil works wonders on her bottom, as a buffer. I even use it on my heels!  Any oil works great for moisturizing and buffering baby’s skin on diapers, but you get more bang for your buck buying a big canister. I will be posting wipes I want to make soon too!!

The one thing I use it for is my hair.  My hair has been many different things over the years,  but the common denominator is frizz frizz frizz.  I wash my hair every other day unless I work or workout, so after rinsing, I put about a tablespoon in my hands, rub together and run my fingers through it, concentrating on the bottom where the frizz is bad.  My hair is so much calmer.  My hair goes almost to the middle of my back and is thick and a tablespoon was plenty.  The first night I did it I put too much in and looked like more of a greaseball than I already am! A little goes a long way.

An obvious use for coconut oil is food.  It makes a great non-dairy substitute for sauteeing and stir frying.  I’ve heard it being used as coffee creamer. It can be substituted in any recipe for any vegetable oil and is much healthier with more benefits.  I use it in smoothies.  It is a MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acid) so it is in many smoothie recipes I have seen and tried. 

A canister at Costco cost me $15-16 and isn’t even half gone and I use it for smoothies, my hair and Therese.  Just thinking about what people spend on conditioners makes my head spin!  Buying the giant tub is so much CHEAPER AND NATURAL!



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